Made By You

Birthday Parties at MadeByYou.

Our birthday parties are a hit with kids from 6 to 99, and they make for happy and long-lasting memories.
Painting is fun, as well as being a perfect, creative, group activity.
Naturally, your guests receive detailed instructions in ceramic painting.



A birthday party lasts from one to two hours, depending upon how much time your guests need for painting.

Participants: Between 6 and 8 children.

Front side shows a funny design to invite your guests. Just fill in guest´s name and your party´s date. A direction map is printed on the back side. Please ask for our FREE invitation cards in our store or download HERE and print.


You simply pay for the pottery. Otherwise, there are no costs. Drinks are on the house!

To avoid breaking the bank, we'll be happy to arrange a selection of models with you from which the children can choose their projects. Or you can set a price limit and let your guests make their own choices.

We look forward to helping you plan your child's big day.