Made By You

How to:

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A lot of different models are available. From ashtrays to sugar bowls, tiles, vases, plates, figurines and many more!

Non-toxic colors suitable for children!

We have everything you need to start painting: paint, brushes, turntables, etc. Our paints are non-toxic and water soluble.


In our shop, you'll enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in which to decorate your own ceramics from scratch. Some patterns are easier to paint, if they're sketched in with pencil first.


Paint a pattern or solid colors; suit yourself. Once the pottery is glazed and baked, colors will truly glow ? unpainted areas remain white.

Your piece will be glazed and placed in the kiln on the same day and can be picked up within three days.

There's something for everyone.
Have no fear; it's really easy.
Anyone can do it?in his own special way.Prices include:

Raw pottery/Bisque




If you'd like to work in our shop, we have brushes, turntables, stencils, pattern books and so much more.
And there's always someone close by to give you a hand if you need help.

Do you prefer to work at home?

No problem. We'll send you off with enough paint in easy-to-use small jars. The price stays the same and, of course, still includes glazing and baking.